Hales care worker honoured with special award

23 February

A care worker from Lowestoft has been recognised as part of a new incentive programme. Hales Home Care have introduced the Hales Heroes Award – an award given for excellence, in recognition of the work their team of care workers do every day. Qualifying care staff who meet the criteria – centred on reliability, quality and professional competence – are entered into the monthly draw with the opportunity of winning £1,000 and being hailed as a Hales Hero.

This month Jackie Amey, a care worker from their Lowestoft branch, received the Hales Hero Award. Having joined Hales as a care worker in June 2017 Jackie was overjoyed to have been recognised for the work she does.

Hales Homecare believes it is only by supporting their workforce, rewarding them well for the work that they do and recognising the challenges they face that the industry can start to raise the profile of care workers.

Article source: Lowestoft Eastern Dail Press



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