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At Hales Health & Social Care we have been providing exceptional person-centred care for over 30 years.

We take great pride in applying our expertise to deliver a broad range of excellent care services. As our family owned group has grown to twelve branches across the east of England, we have become a valuable part of the local communities in which we work. Hales Health & Social Care deliver award winning care that is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission:

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Homepage2 At Hales Health & Social Care we are committed to improving the lives of our service users. We recognise that no two people are the same and that everyone in our care has different needs and ambitions. We provide individually tailored care to Read More >>
Homepage1 At Hales Health & Social Care we work hard to enable our service users to remain living independently in the comfort and security of their own homes. Before making a decision on what kind of support would best suit you, one of our senior carers will Read More >>

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The health and happiness of our service users is our number one priority and we work hard to make certain that our award winning, professionally trained carers offer you the best services possible. We consistently deliver quality care bespoke to the needs of our service users to enable you to remain living in the comfort of your own home surrounded by loved ones and personal treasures.

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We are a caring, passionate and proud team and our services go beyond addressing your medical needs. Our friendly and dedicated carers will be there for you when you need them and are happy to share in your favourite films and past times. Read More >>

  • Tips for Keeping the Elderly Safe

    Tips for Keeping the Elderly Safe

    Keeping the elderly safe whether you’re a carer, family member or friend will always be one of the top priorities when caring for an elderly patient. Whilst you may live with an elderly parent or friend or provide live in care, it’s always important that they are aware of how …Read More »
  • The Path to a Career in Home Care

    The Path to a Career in Home Care

    Whilst many may think they know what is required in a career in home care many are often left puzzled as to what the role truly involves. A career as a home carer is an extremely rewarding role to take on and many often find that job satisfaction in this …Read More »
  • How to Adapt Your Home for Care?

    How to Adapt Your Home for Care?

    There are many benefits of adapting your home for home care as it can prolong the length of time you are able to stay in your own home or even prevent moving on to a care home. Adapting your home for care enables you to receive care in the comfort …Read More »
  • What to Expect When Working in Care?

    What to Expect When Working in Care?

    Working in care and providing high quality care is an extremely rewarding profession for many, it comes with many different roles and responsibilities and involves a variety of day to day duties. No two days will be the same when working in care and the type of care you offer …Read More »
  • The Future of Dementia

    The Future of Dementia

    With the news that 1 in 3 born in 2015 will be affected by dementia later on in life and the prediction that 2 million will be diagnosed by 2051, mental health issues have never been more prominent in the UK. At present no cure for dementia has been found …Read More »